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Daily Blue Marble Skill

Information by jarbasai
## Examples * "show me earth from space" * "Daily Blue Marble" * "Blue Marble of the Day" * "Animate
addon mycroft nasa epic satellite space
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Jul 05 2020

Helioviewer Skill

Information by jarbasai
Daily sunspot data from Sunspot Index and Long-term Solar Observations and pictures from NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory ## Examples * "Live picture of the sun" * "whats the number of sunspots" * "how many sunspots yesterday" * "how many sunspots 3 days ago" * "show me a...
addon mycroft space sun nasa skills
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Jul 03 2020

James Webb Space Telescope Skill

Information by jarbasai
Pictures from James Webb Space Telescope ## Examples * "picture from james webb telescope
nasa space mycroft skill telescope addon
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Jun 29 2020

Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite Skill

Information by jarbasai
## Examples * "show my location from space" * "show me london from space" * "next picture" * "previous
addon mycroft nasa space skills satellite
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Jun 26 2020

ISS Tracker Skill

Information by jarbasai
Track the location of the International Space Station #Examples "Where is the ISS
addon space mycroft iss nasa skills
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Jun 26 2020

Chandra X-ray Observatory Skill

Information by jarbasai
Pictures from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory ## Examples * "picture from chandra x ray observatory" * "latest nasa x ray observatory picture" * "explain" * "tell me about chandra x ray observatory" Can be used as idle screen for the mark2
addon mycroft skills nasa chandra space
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Jun 25 2020


Wallpapers KDE Plasma by paju
Tux in space
linux tux space nasa wallpaper artwork plasma kde
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Apr 12 2019