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LBRY Playlist Parser

VLC Playlist Parsers by ra101
This addon will allow VLC to open free video direct from links. **Why Create this, when
5 .0
Sep 18 2020

Play Count

VLC Extensions by sinaxhpm
play counter extension for vlc media player Count that how much you played a music or video
5 .0
Sep 15 2020

TuneIn Radio

VLC Internet Channels by diegofn
(x86)VideoLANVLC` or to `%AppData%/VLC/VideoLAN/lua/sd` if exists xcopy TuneIn-Radio-VLC
7 .6
Aug 29 2020


VLC Extensions by tristargod
the folder the playing video is in for appropriate subtitles. Default is set to English. Language can
5 .0
Aug 13 2020

Convert to mp3/ogg

Dolphin Service Menus by reightb
Description: Allows you to quickly convert videos/audio files to either mp3 or ogg
addon convert mp3 ogg video audio
6 .0
Nov 11 2019

Convert to webm/mp4

Dolphin Service Menus by reightb
Allows you to quickly convert videos to either mp4 or webm This service relies on ffmpeg, so you
addon convert webm mp4 video
5 .0
Oct 28 2019

Convert to gif

Dolphin Service Menus by reightb
Converts videos to .gif using ffmpeg; as such ffmpeg is a dependency - install it through your
addon convert video gif
5 .0
Oct 31 2019


VLC Extensions by eyalkt
[/b] to: ...VideoLANVLC[b]luaextensions[/b] [/li] [li][u]Linux[/u]: (xubuntu) copy [b]SubSync.lua[/b] to: ~snap/vlc/365
6 .9
Aug 03 2018