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Save cached video

Various Gnome Stuff by marcaemus
In a response to requests this script will copy cached video to your home directory. Usage is just
5 .3
Nov 01 2011

Flash Video Cache Finder

Various Gnome Stuff by marcaemus
Find cached video while watching and without needing downloader extensions. Type moz at a prompt
5 .3
Nov 01 2011

Linux kernel for Compro VideoMa

Various Gnome Stuff by monga
Linux kernel for Compro VideoMate M1F
5 .0
Nov 07 2010

VDesk - Visual Desktop

Various Gnome Stuff by AnthonyAMC
/watch?v=16YSnSnCg5I[/URL] New Video: [URL][/URL] Youtube
5 .4
Feb 06 2012

Flv to Avi Nautilus Menu Add-on

Various Gnome Stuff by crazysoilder
This program is the converting add-on for Nautilus. Convert all flv videos to avi videos
5 .0
Nov 07 2007

Flash vid finder for Browsers

Various Gnome Stuff by marcaemus
flash plugin keeps them well hidden. This little script will tell you where to find the video file
6 .5
Aug 15 2011


Various Gnome Stuff by salvoeur
with another personalization tool like Unity Tweak Tool, GNOME Tweak Tool or Ubuntu-Tweak simple [b]video
6 .7
Aug 17 2014


Various Gnome Stuff by soundrolf
and all necessary files inside the tarball Converting video file to a "burnable DVD" format
5 .0
Apr 17 2013

Clipgrab.deb (Karmic+Lucid)

Various Gnome Stuff by NikolaiRach
of PYTUBE. With ClipGrab, you can easily save your favourite videos from sites like YouTube, Dailymotion
5 .0
May 04 2010

Youtube search function for gnome shell

Various Gnome Stuff by rivetrik
a simple .xml file i have edited to search for youtube videos place in usr/share/gnome-shell
5 .0
Jun 08 2012