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Creating a Aesthetic Wallpaper with Rawtherapee VIDEO

Tutorials and Scripts by charlie-henson
Creating a Aesthetic Wallpaper with Rawtherapee VIDEO I get asked often how
linux unix tutorial video mp4
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Apr 29 2018

xfce4-panel blur

Tutorials and Scripts by zayronXIO
script to give blur appearance in the panel, very similar to what maco os offers, watch the video
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Jul 13 2020

Youtube to mp3 coverter script using youtube dl and ffmpeg

Tutorials and Scripts by madcap
###YOUTUBE VIDEO TO MP3 CONVERTER### **REQUIRES ffmpeg, youtube-dl and vim ##Installing
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Dec 18 2019

Arch Linux Install Guide

Tutorials and Scripts by antechdesigns
A Basic Arch Linux Install Guide, Can be used to help install on a virtual machine or on a single hard drive without other OSes installed. Great practice for anybody wanting to try Arch Linux.
tutorial archlinux install video textfile linux unix
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Sep 07 2018