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Video script

Various Stuff by vegetto
this script may be useful for those of u who prefers xine video player but r bugged abt multiple
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Nov 01 2007

Video script

Various Stuff by vegetto
This is script i made which pauses amarok when u open video it quits after playback
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Jul 08 2007

xgl video

Various Stuff by gourdin
5 .0
May 12 2006

KDE video intro

Various Stuff by J0nas
or CLI to fetch video. or follow this link b.r Jonas
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Oct 29 2012

Save cached video

Various Stuff by marcaemus
In a response to requests this script will copy cached video to your home directory. Usage is just
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Nov 01 2011

Flash Video Cache Finder

Various Stuff by marcaemus
Find cached video while watching and without needing downloader extensions. Type moz at a prompt
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Nov 01 2011

KDE 3.4 Demo Video Clips

Various Stuff by spartak
These are clips I made while messing with the new KDE 3.4 Features. Hope you like them that is if you are not running KDE 3.4 already :)
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Mar 17 2005

Dalin Media Player Skin for vlc

Various Stuff by DonBilbo88
11. For installation or other information, please visit the page. There you can also download the latest
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Sep 12 2006

Qual'e' il mio ip pubblico?

Various Stuff by pepilinux
Semplice script bash che usa KDIALOG per stampare a video l'ip pubblico.Funziona solo con modem
5 .8
Aug 06 2011

Kromium Project

Various Stuff by MetalByte
]Step1: [b]Configure to use with Kwin[/b]* Watch on video: [url]
6 .7
Oct 01 2010