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Creating a Aesthetic Wallpaper with Rawtherapee VIDEO

Tutorials and Scripts by charlie-henson
Creating a Aesthetic Wallpaper with Rawtherapee VIDEO I get asked often how
linux unix tutorial video mp4
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Apr 29 2018


Internet Apps by visone
program to download videos from different web sites. - YouTubeDownloader is able to download videos
youtube video audio app software
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Jul 19 2020

Lower Third Title // Titre pour tiers inferieurs - Countdown

Kdenlive Title Templates by candideu
Free lower third title template for Kdenlive. To use it, download the file, open Kdenlive, open the title dialogue window, hit CTRL + O to open a document, and select the file. The colours and font can be modified in Kdenlive's title dialogue window. Image credit - Suad Kamardeen on...
addon video kdenlive text thirds design
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Jun 20 2020

Playback speed manager

VLC Extensions by Ilgaiaz
This VLC's Addons give the possibility to : 1. Set the speed of the video when
addon video speed subtitles
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Feb 20 2020

Enqueue on Celluloid

Dolphin Service Menus by rccavalcanti
Add video and audio files to current Celluloid playlist. If you find my work useful, consider
audio multimedia useful video addon
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Dec 20 2019


Video Editors by salsaman
LiVES is a simple to use, yet powerful video editor and VJ tool. It allows you to combine realtime
app software video editing vjing
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Aug 22 2019

Convert to mp3/ogg

Dolphin Service Menus by reightb
Description: Allows you to quickly convert videos/audio files to either mp3 or ogg
addon convert mp3 ogg video audio
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Nov 11 2019

Convert to webm/mp4

Dolphin Service Menus by reightb
Allows you to quickly convert videos to either mp4 or webm This service relies on ffmpeg, so you
addon convert webm mp4 video
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Oct 28 2019

Convert to gif

Dolphin Service Menus by reightb
Converts videos to .gif using ffmpeg; as such ffmpeg is a dependency - install it through your
addon convert video gif
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Oct 31 2019


TV & Streaming by tgambet
Easyflix is a self-hosted and reactive video-streaming server powered by The Movie Database. Use
software app video streaming server
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Jun 15 2019