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KDM3 Themes by drankinatty
be taken from the kdedigital_ksplash directory and used as a companion desktop wallpaper.
Score 50.0%
May 09 2020

SunRay KDM Theme + Wallpaper

KDM3 Themes by binjajer
MAJOR UPDATE!! Yay! Now you have a pack. It contains the KDM theme (v0.2), the wallpaper
Score 46.0%
Nov 06 2005

AdriX-beo KDM theme

KDM3 Themes by myloginname
KDM3 theme based on the nice Beo KDM theme by AdrienV. Wallpaper can be found here: http
Score 50.0%
Apr 06 2009

Linkare Entreprise KDM

KDM3 Themes by sunnymoon
located at /etc/kde/kdm/background and change the lines as in: [Desktop0] (...) Wallpaper[$e]=/usr
Score 50.0%
Aug 07 2008

Lonely beach

KDM3 Themes by abxxx
This is a KDM theme based on a wallpaper by (
Score 50.0%
Aug 12 2007

The Light

KDM3 Themes by Hedron
KDM theme based on "The Light" wallpaper and the original openSuSE 10.1 KDM theme. I don't know who
Score 50.0%
Aug 31 2006

Kubuntu Satanic Edition

KDM3 Themes by parker13
transition between KDM and KSplash: - Edit /etc/kde3/kdm/backgroundrc - Change the Wallpaper line to read
Score 50.0%
Jan 18 2007

Kuri Kdm

KDM3 Themes by Untergunter
This is a kdm theme based on the awesome wallpaper Kuri by Kobhen Resolutions: 1024x768
Score 58.0%
May 30 2009


KDM3 Themes by Untergunter
A Kdm theme, based on a beautiful wallpaper made by Do what you
Score 50.0%
Nov 27 2008

Blue Smoke Kdm

KDM3 Themes by Untergunter
A Kdm Theme Based on my wallpaper Blue Smoke
Score 50.0%
Feb 05 2009