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Various Stuff by antenad
nephros ask for this... This is, I may say, a layer for GIMP...
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May 04 2005

Women wallpapers

Various Stuff by ben is a site where we can find some wallpapers to customize our kde. Why not girls one ? If those
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Dec 16 2002

Sample Wallpaper Scripts

Various Stuff by priomsrb
This is a collection of scripts that print the path to a wallpaper image. It is mainly meant
Score 63.3%
Dec 14 2009

special wallpaper textures

Various Stuff by Lemonade
some textures created in Gimp
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Apr 10 2009

Changing Wallpapers Dynamically

Various Stuff by dragonauta
of the same place at different moments of the day. So I made this script to dynamically change the wallpaper
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Apr 18 2008
Score 50.0%
May 16 2007
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May 16 2007

vintage blue wallpaper and more

Various Stuff by beany
Tis is a regimpification of a 90yr old wallpaper that I discover under some old sheetrock
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Feb 22 2007

An idea about wallpaper management

Various Stuff by thelightning
Hello! I have an idea about desktop background settings for KDE: wallpaper groups in Control Panel
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Nov 19 2002

Next generation wallpaper

Various Stuff by axeljaeger
I think this would be the next logical step for backgrounds. You get informations and the space isn't unused. Maybe someone could code a php-script. Konqueror should also support html-pages as background. Further the question "dou you realy want to execute ..." should be turned off by option, so...
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Aug 18 2002