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Wallpaper manager

Nautilus Scripts by baitsart
$HOME/.wallpaper_manager, to data files Install with gdebi-gtk, or from terminal: sudo dpkg
7 .3
Jun 29 2015

Desktop wallpaper to grub2 image

Nautilus Scripts by baitsart
de arranque de grub2 Debes ejecutar "wallpaper-grub" con doble clic, o desde la terminal puedes ejecutar
6 .9
May 22 2013

Video Wallpaper

Nautilus Scripts by superpiwi
select a video file and use it as dynamic wallpaper Requirements: zenity, mplayer and xwinwrap
4 .3
Aug 09 2010

Productive Wallpaper

Nautilus Scripts by superpiwi
wallpaper Dependencies: - zenity - imagemagick Install Copy script in /home/user/.gnome2
4 .6
Jun 10 2010

Set Image as Wallpaper Script

Nautilus Scripts by rpgmaker
I modified the old "set image as wallpaper" script that's been laying around for years for nautilus
5 .8
Dec 31 2012

Automatic wallpaper changer

Nautilus Scripts by kedzo
- This is python script for automatic wallpaper change. -Installation: -unpack file: gzip
5 .0
Nov 30 2010

Set as Wallpaper

Nautilus Scripts by neptunek
Script to set a Picture as the wallpaper of Gnome Desktop. As pointed out by gust5av, you can
4 .6
Sep 15 2008


Nautilus Scripts by Simzer
description Downloads a random wallpaper from NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive http
4 .6
May 01 2010

sunset/sunrise wallpaper switcher

Nautilus Scripts by Simzer
This script switches the wallpaper at sunrise and sunset. Install: 0. get two wallpaper, one
4 .6
Dec 27 2009

Generate Dynamic Wallpaper XML File

Nautilus Scripts by OItisTang
This script can generate the dynamic wallpaper XML file in Ubuntu Linux. Usage: 1. download
6 .3
Dec 25 2010