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Usplash BlackChrome colorized

Usplash Themes by elfrench
This usplash is an adaptation of the Wallpaper BlackChrome. Author: silence07 Licence :GPL [url
5 .0
Feb 11 2008

Ubuntu Grub Splash

GRUB Themes by experiencechris
Based on linuxppc(Justin Kelly)'s Wallpaper at
5 .0
Nov 15 2004

Ubuntustudio per Splashy

Splashy Themes by Embrace
This is a new theme for splashy, based on the Ubuntu Studio wallpaper by huwshimi. You can find
5 .0
Aug 28 2006

Simple Blueish for Splashy

Splashy Themes by Embrace
This is a theme for splashy based on simple blueish wallpaper by lxgfx which you can find here
5 .0
Aug 21 2006

Moon GRUB Splash

GRUB Themes by linuxgurl13
, or not. Wallpaper version can be found here: [url]
5 .0
Feb 04 2009

Kubuntu Upower Splash

Bootsplash Various by permafrost91
This is a Kubuntu Upower splash screen based on goldenboy's Kubuntu Lineart wallpaper
5 .0
Feb 02 2006

some bootsplashes for Slackware

Plymouth Themes by mono
This is a package with 6 bootsplashes for Slackware Linux. I made the bootsplashes with wallpapers
5 .0
Jan 24 2005


Bootsplash Various by ufoka
A highly configurable usplash theme based on a nice wallpaper by an10ae. Artwork by ScorpKing
5 .0
Feb 16 2008

Splashy - ubuntu professional

Splashy Themes by Embrace
Here's a splashy theme designed for ubuntu, using this wallpaper
5 .0
Aug 20 2006

LXP Splashy

Splashy Themes by Chrispy
This is a Splashy theme, based on Wojciech Rak's Radioactive Wallpaper (LXP means Linux eXtremly
5 .0
Sep 05 2007