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New E-virus

E Animated Backgrounds by triki1
in 3D, then that I extracted in png. I updated my post with video demo links of the wallpapers Demo video:
5 .0
Apr 01 2020


Enlightenment Themes by OnlyHuman
. Also a completely free to use wallpaper that no credit was needed to be given to the author.
6 .3
Feb 04 2020

75 Converted Animated Wallpaper Pack

E Animated Backgrounds by johlkien
those that made these. Note- The file names begin with an A to indicate an animated wallpaper
6 .0
Mar 20 2014

OpenGEU wallpaper

E Enlightenment Backgrounds by roxas
This is the first wallpaper I make for E17, because I'm a new OpenGEU user. I think I will make
5 .0
Apr 11 2009

E17 Red Passion Wallpaper

E Enlightenment Backgrounds by Masgter
My Enlightment Wallpaper Red Pession Made by Masgter
5 .8
Aug 10 2012

UnOfficial Human wallpaper

E Enlightenment Backgrounds by ZaZo0o
Elbuntu wallpaper for the UnOfficial Human Theme by cyrill62
5 .0
Jun 29 2007

My PCe17OS wallpapers made with Gimp

E Enlightenment Backgrounds by lisovszki
This my first work with Gimp... I hope you like it..
5 .0
Nov 02 2008

E17 Black dragon Wallpaper (Modified)fro

E Animated Backgrounds by displacedtexan55
Modified from E17 Black Wallpaper (from Black Init) 0.0.1 by NightNord This is my first
5 .0
Nov 06 2009

E17 Black Wallpaper (from Black Init)

E Animated Backgrounds by NightNord
Image (1280x1024) and animation was taken from "Init Black Theme" splash theme (by ZaZo0o). Starting animation deleted and only logo loop stays, Source code was cleaned-up by hands. On my Athlon64 X2 4200+ animation takes 5% (in average) of CPUs. Maybe it can be reduced by making logo...
5 .0
Apr 02 2008


Enlightenment Themes by rpil
This is my Matrix theme recompiled for E22. New wallpaper and window decorations.
6 .3
Feb 20 2018