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Tread lightly Conky. Breaking Bad

Conky by dj-jesse
Updated Conky to Suite Wallpaper. Walter White Quote If you don't know who i am, then maybe your
5 .0
Aug 17 2013

Light Flair conky

Conky by dj-jesse
4 .6
Nov 14 2014

Metropolis 4 Conky Config

Conky by dj-jesse
wallpaper to go with the config. Enjoy guys Conky Manager link below. Just drop into gui and go
4 .6
Oct 24 2014

Dia de los Muertos Conky Revised

Conky by dj-jesse
to go with some of the Wallpapers. Just getting ready for Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos ( In Mexico
5 .3
Oct 11 2014

Futuristic Conky Terminus

Conky by ashishmalik10
& Desktop Wallpaper ================= Set the desktop wallpaper ------ wallpaper.png To Install
5 .8
Feb 17 2013

Eye Ball conky

Conky by dj-jesse
I had this wallpaper and put this conky together for it. Made for Conky Manager Fonts in Zip file
4 .6
Jan 26 2014

Funky Conky

Conky by dj-jesse
Something I put together to go with the Wallpaper. Conky made for Conky Manager Fonts in Zip
4 .6
Jan 06 2014

NSA Conky. Resist The N.S.A

Conky by dj-jesse
This Conky is Made for Conky Manager My my version for the N.S.A_ Conky with wallpapers & Fonts
5 .9
Jul 23 2013


Conky by JuanCarniglia
This small screenlet (based 99% on FolderView) allows you to set up your Video Wallpaper (using
5 .0
Oct 27 2011

Toy Conky

Conky by dj-jesse
& Wallpaper. You may need to log on and off for the Font to work. Refresh Conky Manager and Load Conky.
4 .6
Aug 26 2013