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Going Gnome - GDM Login screen background for modern Gnome

GDM Themes by zirixai
Silverblue Fedora versions: Install from corp: # dnf copr enable zirix/gdm-wallpaper # dnf install gdm
6 .5
Nov 11 2019

High Ubunterra

GDM Themes by EugeneVe
This is theme nearly looks like macOS lockscreen , with script which can set wallpaper for your
8 .4
Apr 21 2019

GDM3 Theme Blur

GDM Themes by root4unix
in Nautilus with right click mouse button. Go to "Script" and click on "SetAsWallpaper". Original theme
6 .9
Nov 19 2018

FreeSansGrrl-Remix + Extras

GDM Themes by wiiija
you have what you need. I have more items coming shortly including a grub theme and some wallpapers
5 .8
Aug 23 2016

Sleek Dragon Mint

GDM Themes by kakahuete
and .svg) I used to modify the theme. Original wallpaper can be found here: [url]http
5 .8
Jul 31 2013

Firefox - Take Back the Web

GDM Themes by cpuprocess
Background image from
5 .8
Feb 05 2013


GDM Themes by Dav87
Wallpaper can be found here-->
6 .3
Aug 10 2009

Ubuntu Jaunty Purple

GDM Themes by cmost
to craft a soft elegant purple hued theme for Jaunty. This GDM theme matches those wallpaper images. Looks
5 .0
Jul 18 2009

Arch Linux Deep Aurora

GDM Themes by boja
Purple Theme to use with homonym splashy theme and wallpaper. XML is based on 'Sunset' GDM theme
5 .0
Jul 26 2008

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

GDM Themes by devianpctek
Well this is my first theme based on a COD wallpaper i found i hope you enjoy it Please leave
5 .0
Feb 02 2010