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Orange Twirl

Gnome Shell Themes by gerstrong
and the wallpaper you see on the screenshots. Just unpack the tar.gz file under /usr and you get everything
5 .0
Nov 18 2012

Black and Blue

Gnome Shell Themes by CrazyT
by ~NanaBuluku [url][/url](I changed the blue to match the blue in the wallpaper.) Icons
5 .8
Jan 09 2012

Greyness-Green Gnome Shell

Gnome Shell Themes by CrazyT
I created this Gnome Shell theme to match this wallpaper [url][/url]
6 .3
Mar 12 2012


Gnome Shell Themes by CrazyT
my friend If you want the wallpaper and icons you can get them from the links I have listed below
6 .3
Dec 19 2011

Sleek Shells

Gnome Shell Themes by perjo132
pop out of the corner..................ah (it was that or gnomes) -better for darker wallpapers
6 .7
Dec 09 2011


Gnome Shell Themes by Padster
://[/url]! Wallpaper: Conquer the World by ~Dawn42 - [url]http://dawn42
7 .6
Jul 13 2013

Sombre Porcelaine

Gnome Shell Themes by misterair
. ;-) Small panel for a maximum windows space, adapted for dark wallpaper. I advise to use AwoKen icon
7 .2
Oct 26 2012

Think Correctly GS Theme

Gnome Shell Themes by CrazyT
A Gnome Shell theme to match this awesome wallpaper [url][/url]
6 .3
Jan 28 2012

Hybrid-Man-of-Steel all in one

Gnome Shell Themes by draco23hack
Just playing with colors... hahaha... In the zip are : AWN theme, GTK3, Wallpapers and the gnome
6 .3
Mar 03 2012

Brushed Metallica

Gnome Shell Themes by rvc-2011
:// Requirements: a) Gnome3.2 b) MGSE (optional) INSTALL
7 .2
Dec 10 2011