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Obsidian Linux Wallpapers

Wallpapers Linux/Tux by Karl-Schneider
them all! I won't judge. :) All wallpapers are 4K (3840 x 2160). As always, requests are always
solus manjaro arch ubuntu linux wallpaper artwork tux
6 .3
Mar 14 2019

Plasma Cloud -Midna Dark - Manjaro wallpapers

Wallpapers Manjaro by Karl-Schneider
New addition to my Plasma Cloud series. I created this version to compliment the Midna Dark theme. 4 versions: PlasmaMidna-Manjaro.png - Inset/cutout small logo centered PlasmaCloud-Midna-Manjaro-login.png - Large logo outset/popout logo on the right side (I created for my login...
wallpaper artwork manjaro
5 .0
Mar 14 2019

Slogans Wallpapers

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by MrMaire
All Linux distros have their slogan. Here, wallpapers of some of them. Made with inkscape
wallpaper artwork plasma kde wallpapers abstract manjaro archlinux
5 .0
Sep 03 2018

wallpaper manjaro material darck

Wallpapers Manjaro by HERO_Hz1999YT
wallpaper manjaro style material darck
wallpaper artwork manjaro
5 .0
Sep 19 2018

Manjaro - Enjoy The Simplicity

Wallpapers Manjaro by MrMaire
Another wallpaper for Manjaro Linux.
wallpaper artwork manjaro linux
6 .7
Jun 21 2019

Gray and white wall with Manjaro

Wallpapers Manjaro by saltuntas
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manjaro white wallpaper gray artwork
5 .0
May 24 2019

Abstract Geometric Manjaro

Wallpapers Manjaro by saltuntas
Abstract Geometric Manjaro
manjaro abstract wallpaper geometric artwork
5 .0
May 21 2019


Wallpapers Manjaro by mohamedanis
14 wallpaper for manjaro os with special effects . image size:2500x1517 pixels.
wallpaper artwork manjaro linux cool colorful
5 .0
Jun 29 2018


Wallpapers Manjaro by mohamedanis
wallpapers:sunset palms inside manjaro logo with beautiful backgrounds. images size:2500x1400
wallpaper artwork manjaro logo abstract linux
5 .0
Jul 04 2018