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Wallpaper Clock Screenlet

Conky by Whise
A Screenlet that shows a working clock wallpaper , you can get wallpaper clocks from [url]http
6 .3
May 20 2008

A little motivation wallpaper clock

Conky by tigger
A wallpaper clock based on the excellent wallpaper "A little motivation" by "Spargett
5 .0
May 06 2008

Conky on Computing Machine

Conky by jamiemichelle
-desktop background/wallpaper image featured in the included picture is entitled Angel Skin
5 .0
Aug 18 2019

Conky Discs

Conky by autocrosser1
custom font (included), one image (included) and the conky file. Works best with dark wallpaper. Modify
5 .8
Jun 23 2019

System Bar

Conky by autocrosser1
Added: semi-transparent surrounding box to allow monitor to be seen with any wallpaper
6 .3
May 25 2019

Conky Crystal

Conky by autocrosser1
. Simple to modify-fonts, conky script and startup script included. Works best with dark wallpaper
5 .0
Apr 01 2019

Conky Displaymax

Conky by autocrosser1
well with any wallpaper you are using- modify the own_window_colour = '#484B52' & own_window_argb_value
5 .0
Mar 15 2019

Elegant Clean CONKY

Conky by abilgin
.conkyrc script Wallpaper
5 .0
Dec 26 2018

conky liontheme

Conky by s-espriz
The Wallpaper will set automatically #####if you use other desktop environment you have to set the wallpaper
conky conky-them conky-lua wallpaper free linux unix extension
5 .0
Aug 29 2018


Conky by sag123
conky -c codes Source codes conkyrc script updated!!! Comment me If u have any problem regarding installation of my file...
conky-them ping-conky conky wallpaper linux unix extension
5 .0
Dec 19 2018