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macOS Big Sur

Cursors by Kaiz
] [size=150][b]Window installation[/b][/size] [list=1][*]unzip [b][/b] file
macos bigsur xcursor x11 windows linux unix cursor
7 .3
1 day ago

Windows 98 Iconpack

Full Icon Themes by 97leviatan
Basado En Windows 98 Windows 98 finalizo su soporte Muchos tuviero su infancia en su primer
windows classic 9x old linux unix icon-theme
6 .5
Aug 09 2020

Crystallized 4K

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by antechdesigns
Exclusive to Opendesktop.
colorful highdpi linux windows macos wallpaper artwork plasma kde
7 .1
2 days ago

Uos [Deepin V20]

Full Icon Themes by zayronXIO
icons extracted from the beta of Uos, deepin os v20, This set is set for use in any distribution and DE that you wish to use, I can also install it in the current version of deepin. In addition to the original icons I have added some totally new and exclusively for this version. the merit...
macos deepinv20 uos windows icons linux unix icon-theme
8 .5
Aug 08 2020

WinSur-dark Wallpaper

Wallpapers Windows by yeyushengfan258
Clock: Better inline clock Applets: Present Windows Button ------------------------------ [b]WinSur
wallpaper artwork windows
5 .0
Jul 30 2020

Beautifull Wall paper 521

Wallpapers Windows by yasasmaduranga
Beautiful wall paper (1920 x 1080) Quality
wallpaper artwork windows
5 .0
Jul 27 2020

Windows 7 Wallpaper

Wallpapers Windows by linlinxza
Just a Windows 7 wallpaper. Source:
windows7 win7 wallpaper artwork windows
5 .0
Jul 28 2020

Windows 7 Logon/Lockscreen Background

Wallpapers Windows by linlinxza
Here's a Windows 7 Logon/Lockscreen. Just download and apply. Source: https
windows7 win7 wallpaper artwork windows
5 .0
Jul 25 2020


Graphic Apps by digikamdeveloper
digiKam is an advanced digital [b]photo management application[/b], which makes importing and organizing digital photos a "snap". The photos can be organized in albums which can be sorted chronologically, by directory layout or by custom collections. Tired of the directory constraints?...
linux windows photo macosx manager app software
8 .8
Jul 24 2020

Windows NT 4.0 Iconpack

Full Icon Themes by 97leviatan
Basado en Windows NT 4.0 Con los iconos modernos Espacio Requerido 20 MB *Uso Solamente 48x , 32x
windows classic nt linux unix icon-theme
6 .0
Jul 22 2020