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macOS Big Sur

Cursors by Kaiz
[/b] [list=1] [*]unzip [b][/b] file[/*] [*]Open [b]macOSBigSur_Windows
macos xcursor windows linux unix cursor
8 .3
1 day ago


Cursors by Kaiz
[/b][/size] [list=1] [*]unzip [b][/b] file[/*] [*]Open [b]Bibata_Windows
bibata cursor x11 windows linux unix
8 .9
Oct 12 2020

Aero Mouse Cursors with Drop Shadow

Cursors by Moony
Note that these cursor themes use symlinks for some cursors in order to reduce the size of the theme, and because hey, why duplicate data? If you have a problem where only 1 or 2 cursors show up in the theme, then somehow, the extraction didn't work properly. I would suggest doing something...
cursor linux unix aero windows vista
8 .1
Jul 10 2019