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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on

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Update release
facelift to icons in mimes and apps folder.
missing symlinks and icons updated.


Update release,
removed and added new icons for mimetypes and actions,

Wish everyone, Merry Christmas and prosperous new Year. God Bless.

With Love from INDIA.


Have Updated most of the icons in actions, categories, mimetypes and devices to look more elegant and uniform in your applications.

Thank you.


Great many icons are replaced to enhance the sharpness while in reduced size to suit every working environment and hope you will find this release more attractive in light and Dark GTK themes.


revised graphics,update to many icons.
your comments are welcome.


Updated many icons and and have changed the looks of action icons so they are more clear and crisp in smaller sizes.

A very minor bugfix, and updated folder sets.

Stable Release and major updates to original smoothX-Xfce folder sets.

Please remove older installation (rm -R smoothX*) and extract the tar contents and run the included script.

Thank you.

For Ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sasha-1594/smoothx
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install smoothx-xfce

For Arch, Manjaro, Antergos and distros based on ArchLinux with XFCE4 desktop
yaourt -S smoothx-xfce

If you like my effort in creating these icons please visit and vote.

I am still working, to upload to RPM based distros, for automation.
since the packages are maintained by me alone it takes time. so please bear with me, till then you could try github.

Thank you....


Every Icons were designed by me, and have not violated any copyright.
The whole icon set was created using FOSS softwares like INKSCAPE, GIMP and BLENDER on my ARCHLINUX and UBUNTU platform.


6 years ago

Very nice job :-)
I'm just reinstalling Manjaro and configuring it nicer, faster on my CF-19mk3 and now I've installed your theme it's also smoother and more beautiful.
I'll be fiddling around with it more, but already I'm really happy with the looks, thanks again!

Best Regards from Holland, Yogrt



6 years ago

I'll try this new set.... the green ones look interesting..... :)



6 years ago

OK, I tried out everything.... I still think the folder icons in the blue set look the best. That whole icon set is nice.. Just change the folder colours for options and keep the style.. the icons appear smooth yet clear in all sizes, from very small to large



6 years ago

I can see how much detailed effort is put into these, but I only like the blue, not just because of the colour, but looking at them is not tiring. Folder icons on their side look busier, too busy and make the overall view appear cluttered. Most of the work only shows when the icons are greatly enlarged and don't look great in smaller sizes (except for the blue set).
So that's my two cents worth.... you wanted comments! :)


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