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Dark theme for Kvantum. It's recommended to disable side borders for all windows(System Settings > Application Style > Window Decoration > Breeze(Settings button) > WIndow-Specific Overrides > Add new rule, enter space in window name line)
Icons I'm currently using is Papirus with old grey places: https://gitlab.com/bugworm/Papirus-Grey
GTK3 version: https://store.kde.org/p/1169488/
Also I've made Telegram Desktop theme: https://store.kde.org/p/1169041/
Last changelog:

1.9.3 3 years ago

Menu changes, small improvements

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1.9.3 3 years ago

Menu changes, small improvements

1.9.2 3 years ago

Buttons, lineedits etc now slightly rounded

1.9.1 3 years ago

Revert tabs shadows and colors

1.9 3 years ago

Buttons, lineedits and comboboxes now have minimal size
Icons now 16px
Some changes in SVG(mostly buttons and tabs)

1.8.3 3 years ago

Fixed combo box size

1.8.2 3 years ago

I forget to add svg file, sorry

1.8.1 3 years ago

Small fixes

1.8 3 years ago

Fixed size of button icons and lineedit, toolbar icons size value deleted, now scale from system settings(it was 32px)

1.7 3 years ago

Some size fixes, buttons and shadows changes

1.6 3 years ago

Tab changes, added shadows to tabs and buttons, blue color swapped to red. Also planned buttons rework

1.5 3 years ago

Buttons now dark and more visible, selection color is now red

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