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5 .0

Dual Language: English and German

Is based on Ubuntu Gnome 20.04 and very much like 4CLIX-9 and 4CLIX-10
The idea is to present the old looks of Gnome with the panel etc..
and have the gnome fall-back (flashback) session preconfigured
Most apps are streamlined to follow the looks
of a dark theme with dark purple bg and orange text
Other themes are available, use Tweaks

Software has been chosen also from kde, mate, cinnamon, xfce
like Kstars, Krecipes, Kalzium, K3b, Kruler
Kgamma, Pluma, Mate Terminal, Nemo File Manager, Xfce Mixer
Also installed older abandoned applications from Debian and Ubuntu
like Screenlets, Avant Window Navigator, Download-Monitor
Dockbarx, Cardapio, Dvdstyler, Gksu, Multiload-ng, Photoprint
Ubuntu-Tweak modified to only show working modules (still most of them)
External software: Netactview, Wifi-guard, Dunst, Shutter
Caprine, Cawbird, Indicator-Lunar, Indicator-USB

For the window manager we use Compiz-Reloaded 8.17
with Emerald Decorator
Fusion-Icon has switch to Compiz, Metacity or Mutter WM
and switch to Gtk Decorator or Emerald
Added more functions to menu:
Metacity-WM-Theme-Selector, Display Gamma
Display Resolution & Refresh, Ubuntu-Tweak and Gnome Tweaks

For the dock we use Avant Window Navigator (AWN),
but Cairo-Dock and DockBarX is also installed
Awn has a radio applet with a few stations added
and a web applet with access to Facebook, Twitter

For text editor we use Pluma, a better application
For file browser we use Nemo, a much more useful application
For music player we use Exaile, a better application
For screenshots we use Shutter

For notifications we use Dunst, the best notifier
Made settings window for Dunst

For torrents we use QBitTorrent
For downloads we use UGet Download Manager,
both with text to speech end download notifications

For satellite predictions we use Previsat with access to ISS cameras

Client Side Decorations management can be toggled on/off
Wallpaper management can be toggled between compiz or system

Gnome Panel has a command applet showing day, time and date
A Forcekill, a CD Eject and a Restart applet
An applet to show Cap Lock and an applet to eject USB Drives
And the best Lunar Indicator applet thanks to Bernard!

Dual keyboard US and Swiss with flag indicator in panel
and Dual Language support for English & German

Updates and Installations with Synaptics Package Manager

In Startup Applications we have presently disabled startups for
Moon, Clock and Calendar Screenlets, the various Docks,
Caffeine & XScreensaver, with compiz screensaver added to list,
as well as an aquarium, an analogue-, a 7-segment- and a flip-clock

Caprine Facebook Messenger, Login Sounds, QBitTorrent, UGet,
Gis-Weather, best weather widget available with 5 day forecast
and many more items. Most have a delay to avoid a boot up bottle-neck
These delays can be reduced once installed; with some experimentation
In regard to running the OS to install from an USB drive,
we need to restrict startups. Once installed they can be enabled

Super-User Privileges
To use “sudo” “gksudo” or “pkexec” we activate super-user privileges
In System Tools > Preferences > Startup Applications check one of:
or temporarily in System Tools > Administration > choose one of:
Superuser on Display :0, :0.0, :1, :1.0
To find out what the Display number is open a terminal and type:

QT5 Applications won’t work properly with gtk. (25 seconds to start app)
In System Tools > Preferences > Qt5 Settings we choose Style: kvantum
Kvantum-Manager > default theme to match gtk is: KvGnomeDark (mod.)

Also lots of software in all categories; for example
GeoMapApp to view bathymetric maps with overlays

4CIX-20 folder with ISO, screenshots and documents at:
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