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This is a very very simple service menu to append one or more audio files to your Audacious playlist.
There may be some already out there, but I searched all over and was only able to find a script for Nautilus, so I wrote this little service menu for myself, because I am a service menu junkie!

Works whether Audacious is already running or not - in the latter case Audacious will be started.
The files are appended at the end of your current playlist.
I tested it in Opensuse 11.3 but I think it will work on any version that is running KDE4.

Just place the enqueueAudacious.desktop file (which you find inside the .tar.gz that you download from here) in your kde services folder.
For me (Opensuse 11.3, KDE 4.4.4) the folder is the following:

Then you can right click on any audio file - go to the entry 'Actions' and select 'Enqueue With Audacious' (as the screenshot shows).

Ciao! :)
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product-maker Githzerai Dec 20 2010 9 excellent
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