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Krusader Vintage Colormap

Krusader Colormaps by zlietapki
Nice vintage Krusader colormap Install Settings->Configure Krusader->Colors->Uncheck 'Use the default KDE colors' Import color-scheme (at the bottom) Install colors for root Tools->Start Root Mode Krusader. Do the same steps
6 .0
Apr 28 2020

krusader - wincmd color theme

Krusader Colormaps by ctarsoaga
color map similar to windows commander / total commander
5 .0
May 18 2019

Extract JPGs from DNGs in selected folder

Krusader User Actions by cptalpa
Will extract JPGs from select folder where DNGs are stored. The useraction runs in terminal. Output displayed in terminal indicates selected folder. "DONE" is displayed when everything is done - terminal may be closed after this. Useful for photographers who`s camera cannot store photos both in...
5 .0
Oct 09 2018