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Coolgirls Telegram theme

Telegram Themes by tsbarnes
A soft dark theme with orangish-pink highlights. Based on Coolgirls for Visual Studio Code.
telegram girls cool pink orange addon
5 .0
Aug 25 2020


Wallpapers KDE Plasma by nesuko
Snow-mountain wallpaper, you can choose between clean, plasma and KDE versions. Quality 16:9 ratio
wallpaper artwork plasma kde snow mountain ice cool
5 .0
May 29 2020

Burning Super Death Sword [for X11]

Cursors by zoomten
welcome to 2005 enhance your k00l haxxorz experience with this windows cursor, now ported to x11 so you can use it with your haxx0rz linux/bsd/unix-like desktops based on [url=""]this[/url] and yes, got the idea from a...
sword burning fire cool flame linux unix cursor
6 .0
Jun 11 2019