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DMZ Mintjaro cursors

Cursors by isylumn
Custom white DMZ cursors featuring the Linux Mint and Manjaro logos are fused together. # How
linux unix cursor mint
5 .0
Feb 12 2019


Cursors by isylumn
Black and white cursor schemes inspired by the SUSE mascot - The chameleon's face changes colors
chameleon cursors camoflauge linux unix cursor
7 .1
Mar 24 2019

Linux Mint Cinnamon Cursor Theme

Cursors by isylumn
This white Cinnamon Mint Cursor Scheme promotes a modified Linux Mint Cinnamon logo. How
linux unix cursor cinnamon mint
6 .3
Mar 14 2019

Don't Wake The Dead

Cursors by isylumn
Complete animated cursor theme Don't Wake The Dead. How to Install Linux Mint Icons 1. Copy
skull skeleton spooky linux unix cursor
5 .0
Feb 08 2019

Doctor Who Mouse Cursors

Cursors by isylumn
The Doctor Who mouse cursor on top of the DMZ White scheme - ideal companion for the Blue Tardis
cursor linux unix doctor who sonic
5 .0
Feb 05 2019

PixelFun 2

Cursors by ainola
to the original source only distributing 20px PNG files. This cursor theme comes from https
linux unix cursor retro green 8-bit pixelart
6 .7
Dec 08 2018