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EQuilibrium IV

Kvantum by eQuilibrium
This is a official EQuilibrium IV Kvantum theme
5 .0
Oct 11 2020

EFD KDE and Gnome Gtk Dark Theme

Kvantum by OlliFri
Dark theme for KDE Plasma and all Qt based desktops. KDE based on Kvantum and Aurorae window covering. A matching Gtk theme for a uniform look, regardless of whether KDE or Gnome software is running. A well-fitting icon theme is also included. Installation, unzip everything as usual and move...
5 .0
Oct 05 2020

Netrunner Indigo Kvantum

Kvantum by l33k
Netrunner Indigo Kvantum Theme The mixture of darker blue and lighter blue together with classic white like gray creates a pleasent to the eye look that matches the Breeze Icon theme without distracting your eyes
5 .0
Nov 27 2019