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Let it snow

Plasma 5 Applets by mrwoggle
Let it snow on your desktop! This widget works like an overlay: snow flakes will always be on top and continue to fall, no matter what you are doing! Support: Size, speed, count and style can be changed dynamically Implementation details: Uses special flags of X11 Just QML; no...
5 .0
17 hours ago

Krunner Python Plugin

KDevelop App Templates by alex1701c
This template provides a basic Krunner plugin using Python and dbus. This template will work out of the box with Plasma > 5.17, for older versions you have to start KRunner manually after running the install/uninstall script.
5 .0
Aug 30 2020

comic book kservicemenu

Dolphin Service Menus by thevladsoft
Plasma service menu for Comic Books Adds options to rename compressed files to comic book files, count the number of pages and compress directories with images directly to cbr/cbz files. When selecting several directories, each one will produce one individual cbr/cbz file. Want to...
6 .5
Aug 24 2020

Dark Printable

KMail Header Themes by indy
A theme based on Breeze Dark for KMail's email headers that can be printed
5 .0
Apr 29 2020

Jetbrains Dolphin Plugin

Dolphin Service Menus by alex1701c
This project is a plugin for dolphin which allows you to open directories and associated projects in the Jetbrains IDEs. If you like this plugin you might want to check out the KRunner version: To install this project you can use the deb/rpm...
5 .0
Apr 19 2020

HP elitebook 830 G6

System Monitor Tabs by zezinho
Complete tab for this model : - CPU frequency - Temperatures for CPU, Wifi and NVMe disk - NVMe disk throughput
4 .2
Mar 30 2020

AuroraBorealis Terminal Colors

Konsole Color Schemes by zinjanthr0pus
This is a color scheme that I made to go with a particular aurora borealis wallpaper and also this emerald theme: and this Plasma5 color scheme: Actually, technically I did the terminal colors before that, but either...
5 .0
Mar 24 2020


System Monitor Tabs by zezinho
An alternative configuration of the default Ksysguard SystemLoad tab : - 1 pixel per measure instead of 6 - one measure every 5 seconds instead of half second - the yellow receive bar was too bright - the CPUs are stacked I have shared this as I was tired of always hand editing it in new...
5 .0
Mar 08 2020

Asus X55U

System Monitor Tabs by zezinho
Full featured tab for this laptop with AMD E2 APU - CPU Frequencies - FAN speed - APU temperature - Internal disk read/write rates
5 .0
Mar 05 2020

Battery Power

System Monitor Tabs by Zecas
A battery history plotter, it uses all batteries found at ksysguard launch. It also plots the total power rate, either charging or discharging. NEEDS Ksysguard 5.18 at least, as I added the needed sensors in the summer 2019.
6 .0
Feb 24 2020