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EFD KDE and Gnome Gtk Dark Theme

Kvantum by OlliFri
Dark theme for KDE Plasma and all Gtk based desktops. KDE based on Kvantum and Aurorae window covering. Installation, unzip everything as usual and move it to the respective folder under home / username / ... Or the folder for system-wide installation with root rights EFDark-IconsCream in...
kvantum gtk3 gtk2 icons kdeplasma linux unix theme
5 .0
Sep 09 2020

My KDE Plasma Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by OlliFri
My KDE Plasma Desktop. Files for Installation are here
desktop plasma gtk2 gtk3 kvantum linux unix screenshot kde
5 .0
Sep 09 2020

MacOs Icon Theme

Full Icon Themes by istiaq
MacOs Icon Theme An icon pack for Gnome How to install: Download: $ git clone ~/.icons/La-Sierra Go to Your Gnome Tweak Tool & set it !! Credit :
linux unix icon-theme macos gtk3
5 .0
Nov 07 2019