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Aurorae Themes by eQuilibrium
This is a official EQuilibrium IV window decoration for KDE users.
kde aurorae kwin linux unix theme plasma
5 .0
Oct 04 2020


Kwin Scripts by esjeon
A dynamic tiling extension for KWin. Kröhnkite is mainly inspired by dwm from suckless folks
kwin tiling linux unix
8 .9
May 31 2020

Force Blur

Kwin Scripts by esjeon
Force-enable blur effect for user-specified windows
kwin blur linux unix
9 .0
May 14 2020

Quarter Tiling

Kwin Scripts by Jazqa
Easy tiling script for KWin. Thanks to the simple tiling layouts and mouse-driven controls
kwin script tiling linux unix
7 .9
Apr 14 2020

Maximize effect for xrender

Kwin Effects by koko2k
A modified version of the default maximize kwin effect done to reduce glitches when using xrender
linux unix kwin effects xrender
5 .0
Feb 27 2020

Swap/Add/Remove - Virtual Desktop Shortcuts

Kwin Scripts by dedean16
Adds keyboard shortcuts to KWin that swap the windows of the current virtual desktop with those
linux unix kwin kde desktops scripts
5 .0
Dec 01 2019

Maximize To New Virtual Desktop

Kwin Scripts by Aetf
)[/i][/b] Go to `System Settings` -> `Window Management` -> `KWin Scripts` -> `Get New Scripts...`, and then search
linux unix kwin
8 .2
Mar 30 2019

BreezewayMod kwin Window Decoration

Aurorae Themes by n4n0
**PLEASE NOTE THAT THE AUTOMATIC INSTALLATION THROUGH KDE'S SETTINGS WILL NOT WORK** BreezewayMod is a fork of the Breezeway window decoration which aims to mimic the macOS interface. But with powerups. Did I mention that it comes without weird glitches on the rounded corners? This window...
decoration theme macos no-glitch kwin linux unix kde plasma
7 .5
Nov 10 2019

Scale Minimize Animation

Kwin Effects by zzag
folder for KWin effects: mkdir -p ~/.local/share/kwin/effects * Copy the package folder to the newly
kwin linux unix
7 .0
Mar 21 2019

Fully transparent frame

Aurorae Themes by eQuilibrium
The windows will have a elegant but fully transparent frame
linux unix theme kde plasma windows kwin aurorae
5 .0
Oct 02 2019