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Extract Subtitles

Dolphin Service Menus by risu
Service menu for extracting subtitles from the video files. Helps video players which are struggling with close captions and other untypical subs. Installed CCExtractor is required. Please use your package manager or download from their website...
subs menu extract movie tool addon
6 .0
Sep 22 2019

Video File Integrity

Dolphin Service Menus by risu
Service menu which allows testing video files for stream corruptions and other errors. It's like testing compressed archives. Very useful for the video streaming. [b]No errors in console means stream is all right.[/b] Package ffmpeg is reguired. You can install it by console (for example...
video film test movie check addon
5 .0
Sep 22 2019

A movie while linux loads

Plymouth Themes by corto44
Light animation of an old movie in a cinema Other stuff inside for a complete design from grub
linux unix splashscreen plymouth bootscreen animation movie cinema vintage train
6 .7
Nov 30 2019