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Gradienty Breeze

Plasma Themes by kevinthomas
Similiar to breeze, A partially colorable dark theme with gradient for legibility and transparency in panels.
linux unix theme kde plasma oxygen dark gradient transparent blur
6 .0
Jun 16 2020


Full Icon Themes by farquinn
, KDE Clipart, Mozilla, NuoveXT, NuoveXT2, Oxygen, and Victory. Full source and license info included
crystal nuovext oxygen kde linux unix icon-theme
6 .0
May 02 2020


Plasma Themes by altenate01xyz
Windows 7 like theme with Oxygen icons. This theme was created for Plasma 5. -Under Development
windows7 aero oxygen kde5 plasma linux unix theme kde
7 .6
Dec 30 2019

Oxygen Crystal Diamond Look And Feel

Global Themes by gericom
Oxygen Crystal Diamond Look And Feel for Plasma5 to match the ocd suite. Contains the components
look-and-feel linux unix kde plasma theme plasma5 oxygen crystal
7 .4
May 03 2019

Oxygen3-- Glassy spin

Plasma Themes by zinjanthr0pus
/p/1162362/ which is basically the Oxygen plasma theme but with nice colorful tray icons that will match your
linux unix theme kde plasma oxygen glassy glass
5 .0
Dec 01 2018