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KDE 5 Service Menu ReImage

Dolphin Service Menus by GiuseppeBenigno
Description: Manipulate images e their metadata. kde-service-menu-reimage is a package that extends the functionalities of Dolphin/Konqueror adding many additionally sensible menu, reachables with right click on the files. It's similar to gnome nautilus actions. These actions are related...
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8 .4
Apr 30 2019

KDE 5 Service Menu PDF

Dolphin Service Menus by GiuseppeBenigno
KDE 5 Service Menu PDF v.2.3 Here are various KDE 5 service menus for PDF documents LESS FEATURES BUT NO MORE DEPENDENCE ON PDFTK! Extract from PDF: - Images - Text - Attachments Convert PDF to: - Optimize - PDF/A-1b - PDF/A-2b - DjVu - HTML - PNG - TIFF (FAX) -...
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8 .0
Apr 13 2019

KDE 5 Service Menu EncFS

Dolphin Service Menus by GiuseppeBenigno
One KDE service menu for encFS encrypted directories. With this script you can: - (automagic) mount / unmount / create directory with encFS - change password of an encFS encrypted directory - retrieve information of encFS directory - configure this script Enjoy
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6 .3
Feb 12 2019


Dolphin Service Menus by amar-laksh
Service Menu for Dolphin File Manager to upload files to IPFS
5 .0
Nov 05 2018

Breeze Light Konsole

Konsole Color Schemes by prtk-alpha
A variation of with Breeze colors for Konsole.
5 .0
Oct 16 2018

Armadillo C++ Cmake Project Template

KDevelop App Templates by aram
This is a Armadillo C++ Template for KDevelop Very small project template that has CMake configuration and minimal C++ main file.
5 .0
Aug 31 2018

Meld Compare Menu

Dolphin Service Menus by Naraku
Dolphin service menu for comparing files using meld Supports files and directories in 2-way or 3-way compare mode. Translations for Dutch, German, and Italian are available. For more information please visit This is an improved version...
5 .0
Jul 02 2018


System Runners by ration
krunner-switcher allows for fast switching between applications by typing a dot and a part of the application name or title, e.g. ".emacs"
5 .0
Jun 05 2018

kde 5 Service Menu BackupIt

Dolphin Service Menus by GiuseppeBenigno
kde-service-menu-backupit Here are one KDE service menus for files and directory. Backup and restore files and directories using Dolphin/Konqueror. kde-service-menu-backupit is a package that extends the functionalities of Dolphin or Konqueror adding many additionally sensible menu,...
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5 .8
Jul 24 2018

One Half Light Konsole

Konsole Color Schemes by apachelogger
A variation on Atom's One color theme, based on One Half features slightly more vibrant foreground and background colors. This is based on Son A. Pham's iTerm color profile
5 .0
May 14 2018