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Material (Plasma 5)

QtCurve by fapasv
A QtCurve theme inspired in Android but for KDE Plasma 5. This theme includes the Color scheme. For custom title colors per apps :
linux qtcurve theme unix
Sep 05 2017

No panel layout for latte dock

Latte Layouts by mapcode-mind
latte dock layout for a desktop with no panels. Put the file inside the folder `~/.config/latte/` and then right click on latte-dock and select layout `No bar`.
dock extension latte latte-dock linux unix
Sep 08 2018

Vista glass

Various Plasma Theming by TheBlackKnight-1
Transparent glass theme for kde. Requirements: - (K)Ubuntu - Plasma 5.12 desktop. - QtCurve Important: If you dont have QtCurve installed dont download this theme!! How to install: - Download .AppImage file - Give execution permissions with: chmod +x *.AppImage - Run...
glass kde linux plasma theme transparent unix vista
Mar 30 2019

Breeze Navy Blue

Plasma Color Schemes by murat-cileli
Breeze navy blue light color scheme.
color colorscheme kde linux plasma theme unix
Dec 10 2018

Ubuntu Paw Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by Markospoko
Ubuntu Paw correct version (done right) IF IT'S NOT SHOWING UP, change all paths in ubuntu-paw.plymouth file so it points to the correct location of plymouth's themes, it's changed in newer versions of your distro, change name of ubuntu-paw.plymouth to Ubuntu-Paw.plymouth as well and try to...
bootscreen linux plymouth splashscreen unix
Dec 10 2017

Breeze No Shadows With Antu Icons

Plasma Themes by Madkita
default kde breeze theme without panel shadows and with icons from antu icon theme. Installation: 1. from settings: - go to settings > workspace theme > desktop theme > get new themes - search for breeze no shadow with antu icons and install it apply the theme 2. from...
kde linux plasma theme unix
Dec 10 2017

LibreOffice 6.0.2 - Kalahari icons

Full Icon Themes by elgatonegro
Kalahari simple is a pack of icons for LibreOffice . Themes : Kalahari : Manjaro : Manjaro Dark : ...
faenza icon-theme libreoffice linux office unix
May 31 2018

OpenMandriva Lx 2014

Plasma Window Decorations by caig
OpenMandriva Lx 2014 window decoration ---oOo--- Other OpenMandriva related works: - [URL=]Sereno[/URL], a KWin decoration based on this original decoration - [URL=]IaOra[/URL], the widget style ported to Qt5 -...
kde linux openmandriva plasma theme unix
Apr 18 2018

Adapta KDE

Plasma Window Decorations by x-varlesh-x
Adapta KDE - This is a port of the popular GTK theme Adapta for Plasma 5 desktop with a few additions and extras. RECOMMEND USE THIS CUSTOMIZATION WITH KVANTUM ENGINE:
adapta aurorae kde linux plasma theme unix
Aug 28 2018

Quasi Deepin II

Global Themes by caig
A KDE Plasma Look and Feel theme that mimics (quasi) [URL=]Deepin[/URL] [i]15.8[/i] with light decorations as showed by the Deepin Image Viewer. It uses: - [URL=]Quasi Deepin II[/URL] window decoration -...
deepin kde light linux look-and-feel plasma theme unix
Nov 30 2018