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Plasma 6 Applets by dhruv8sh
Desktop Indicator applet that uses Gnome Workspace switcher as an inspiration.
virtual-desktop desktop pager workspace workspaces linux unix extension kde plasma
2 days ago


Plasma 5 Applets by mr-govind
HackerGPT-Plasmoid HackerGPT-Plasmoid is a feature-rich KDE Plasma plasmoid that facilitates effortless access to the HackerGPT chat interface directly from your desktop environment. By integrating seamlessly into KDE Panels/Desktop, it offers a streamlined workflow for interacting with the...
gpt hackers assistant linux kde unix extension plasma plasma-5 widget
2 days ago

Andromeda Launcher

Plasma 5 Menus by eliverlara
A simple Launcher for KDE Plasma based on the awesome [url=] MMcK Launcher[/url] created to fit the [url=] Andromeda theme for KDE[/url] Required...
linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget menu
2 days ago

Advanced reboot

Plasma 6 Applets by Scias
Simple Plasmoid for KDE Plasma 6 that lists the bootloader entries from systemd-boot/bootctl. This allows you to quickly reboot into Windows, the EFI or bootloader menu, other distributions and EFI programs... Requirements : - UEFI system only - systemd >= 251 - systemd-boot (bootctl)...
reboot windows efi uefi systemd linux unix extension kde plasma
2 days ago

Resources Monitor - fork

Plasma 5 Monitoring by orblazer
Plasma 5 plasmoid for monitoring CPU, frequency, RAM, swap activity, network traffic, GPU activity, Disk activity and CPU/GPU temperature. Looking for plasma 6 ? Please see [url][/url]. [b]NOTE[/b] : This is fork from original plasmoid...
monitoring sensor system linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5 widget
2 days ago

Wunderground PWS Widget

Plasma 6 Weather by odd-k
A Plasma 6 widget for showing data from Wunderground Personal Weather Stations. Wunderground lets you upload data from Smart Ambient Weather stations through their API. You can view the data through wunderground or through Wunderground API. This widget lets you input the station ID then view...
extension kde plasma6 weather widget linux unix plasma
Apr 14 2024

Ressources monitor

Plasma 6 Monitoring by orblazer
Plasmoid for monitoring CPU, memory, network traffic, GPUs and disks IO. Looking for plasma 5 ? Please see [url][/url]. [b][u]REQUIRED DEPENDENCIES[/u][/b] : - [b]libksysguard[/b] (normally include by default) : This is for retrieving most of...
monitoring sensor system linux unix extension kde plasma
Apr 14 2024

Audio Wave Widget

Plasma 6 Multimedia by zayronXIO
This is a widget for KDE Plasma 6 that implements a small program developed in C++, leveraging the ALSA libraries included in most distributions and the Radix-2 FFT algorithm to analyze audio and display bars with a wave effect representing the music being played on the system. It also shows the...
linux unix extension kde plasma
Apr 13 2024

Currently Playing

Plasma 5 Applets by junongx
A minimal media info widget for KDE Plasma, displaying the title and artist of the item currently playing. Features - Display of current media using the data engine `mpris2` - Switch sequence of track title and artist - Customizable separator string between track title and artist - Font...
widget media kde5 plasma5 linux unix extension kde plasma plasma-5
Apr 13 2024

Shader Wallpaper for Plasma6

Plasma 6 Wallpaper Plugins by y4my4my4m
Shader Wallpaper for Plasma6 is a Wallpaper Plugin that allows you to run shaders as your wallpaper. OVER 100 Shaders included! Video of 3.0 Video of 1.2 using iGPU (and kvantum) in...
kde plasma shader wallpaper plasma6 linux unix extension
Apr 12 2024