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Open Deepin Terminal Here

Dolphin Service Menus by zetago
Open deepin terminal at the current folder
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Nov 12 2019

Message of the Day MOTD on CentOS or Fedora Terminals

Tutorials and Scripts by angelad
Dynamic Ubuntu-like message of the day for CentOS or Fedora-based Linux distros. Automate checking for updates and have them emailed, with a useless stylized & colored figlet screen - just because.
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May 25 2019

Resgen - Automate Resume an Cover Letter Scrape Job Listing

Office Apps by angelad
Easily keep track of jobs you've applied to. Automate resume & cover letter creation; generate PDFs from .odt templates on the fly while scraping the job post & tracking employer status. A Ruby-based application to automate the lengthy steps for writing and dating cover letters. Generate...
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Nov 16 2018