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Soft Glass

QtCurve by phob1an
Part of Soft Glass Global Theme.
linux unix theme qtcurve
5 .0
Sep 22 2020

Xplastik Qtcurve Theme

QtCurve by deny26
this kde qtcurve theme based on plastik qtcurve. Install qtcurve (depend on your distro
qtcurve linux unix theme kde manjaro
7 .1
Apr 05 2020


QtCurve by zinjanthr0pus
This is my attempt at a QtCurve theme based on Apple's Platinum style from System 8 and 9. QtCurve
linux unix theme qtcurve os9 os8 platinum classic macintosh
7 .8
Apr 01 2020

Dark glassy theme with gradients

QtCurve by zinjanthr0pus
This is a QtCurve theme that I made to go with a couple of other themes based around an aurora
glass blur gradient gradients linux unix theme qtcurve
5 .8
Mar 24 2020

Pandora QtCurve hackerish

QtCurve by nestort
-like. This is the QtCurve configuration file. You can complete it with the following configuration
linux unix theme qtcurve hacker pandora
5 .0
Jan 16 2020

Kameleon QtCurve

QtCurve by rwml
# Kameleon (QtCurve) This theme is part of the Kameleon project ## Project Kameleon
linux unix theme qtcurve
5 .0
Sep 07 2019


QtCurve by phob1an
This has been superceded by Steany Kvantum: It was part of Steamy look-and-feel.
steam linux unix theme qtcurve
6 .0
Sep 21 2019

AmigaBuntu QTCurve Theme

QtCurve by Tweak
AmigaBuntu QTCurve Theme
linux unix theme qtcurve
5 .0
Jun 21 2019

Xhex's Milky Theme

QtCurve by Xhex
My version of Milky QtCurve theme.
qtcurve linux unix theme
6 .3
May 31 2019

Green Glass

QtCurve by phob1an
Green Glass look-and-feel component.
linux unix theme qtcurve
5 .0
Mar 03 2019